Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crafty Cake

I wish I were crafty. Cooking and baking, yes. Crafts, not so much. Even Halloween costumes stress me out if I have to put an effort into them. I own a sewing machine and a glue gun and if I ever sell them on Ebay I will be able to list them as NEW IN BOX.

Recently, I had an order for a Hannah Montana-ish electric guitar cake for a lovely young lady named Alison who is turning 5. This is a yellow butter cake with chocolate ganache. It's covered in fondant with the details made out of gumpaste. I made the guitar strings with jewelry wire. I added butterflies for additional girl power and a purple flower to replicate these beautiful flowers the birthday girl always wears as pins or hair accessories (all made by her crafty mom, Betsy).

I'm sure the favors for Alison's party will be uber-crafty and all made by Betsy, sigh. Well, we all have our talents. My kids may have the lamest Halloween costumes but you can bet they'll have the best lunches in town!

Coming up soon...a post on lunch ideas for your peeps and minions.

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