Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cake Gallery

All that remains of the 4th of July holiday extravaganza...

I love the wow factor of this cake.  On the outside, a mild-mannered, dare I say boring cake.  The Clark Kent of cakes.

But cut into it and SHAZAM, it's the hit of the party! (Sorry to be mixing my superhero references.  Extra credit if you can name the Saturday morning superhero who said "Shazam!" when he transformed.)

This cake has been blogged about a few times but I think credit originally goes to 17 and Baking.  I made mine a little taller, more stripes, etc.  I used a buttermilk lemon cake with a lemon cream cheese frosting.

In other cake news, we made a double graduation cake for a college graduate and a graduate of pharmaceutical school.  Two diplomas, grad cap and a prescription pad.

Finally a chocolate cake with a cookies and cream filling, vanilla buttercream and oreos on top.


Anonymous said...

Flash Gordon? LOVE the cake.

Tates said...

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