Monday, March 22, 2010

Eating In Week Comes to an End

Day 6 of eating in was...leftovers.  A little of this, a little of that, something for everyone.  We have leftovers about once a week.  But we're fancy people so we call it a "buffet".  On Day 7 I made a sausage lasagna with salad for dinner and BAM-POW the week of Eating In was over. 

What did I get out of this week?  For one, I became more improvisational with my recipes.  If I didn't have an ingredient, I had to substitute something else.  Another attitude shift for me was on restocking items.  In the past if we ran out of cereal, I went to the store that day to buy more.  This week I said, "We're out of cereal but we do have yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, eggs...take your pick."  When those things are diminished, then I will spend more money on cereal. All in all the week was painless.

The Pros:
-I spent only $8.36 at the grocery store this week (a gallon of organic milk and some toilet paper).
-I reorganized my pantry and moved things to the front of the shelf that needed to be used up soon.
-No one in the family even realized I was doing anything different this week.
-My refrigerator is no longer overstuffed and I made a small dent in my freezer stash.

The Cons:
-I honestly can't think of any. Unless you count my smug sense of self-satisfaction (but my people are used to that.)


Christine said...

Hey Meredith, loved your eating in posts!

funnyrunner said...

Your recipes and tips are so great, and the photos are so pretty and inspiring!

Meredith said...

Thanks so much!